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A substantial snow storm last week delivered Aomori Spring’s first significant snow cover for the winter 17/18 season. The transformation from fall to winter is now complete! Resort operations are due to commence on 16 December 2017 and work has already started on getting the trails ready for opening day.

From Fall to Winter

30cm of high quality, light Japanese powder fell at base and 80cm at 1500m, near the top of Mt Iwaki.

Watch the snowy drive from the highway to Aomori Spring Resort and snow clearing around the Rockwood Hotel.

from fall to winter at Aomori Spring The transformation into winter! Photo: Ryan Lin.

View of Aomori Spring Golf Course looking towards Sea of Japn The Aomori Spring Golf Course is now closed for the season! View towards the Sea of Japan. Photo: Ryan Lin.

Rockwood Hotel car park after snow storm nov 17It took some time to clear the roads and carpark around the Rockwood Hotel. Photo: Ryan Lin.

First backcountry tour of the season

Our in-house backcountry guide, Mr Kenji Nodaka, made his first trek up Mt Iwaki after the storm. He reported good quality, light powder with 80cm of fresh snow at 1500m. Due to the windy and stormy conditions, he was unable to make the last 150 vertical metres to the top of Mt Iwaki. Here are photos he took showing views from near the top of Mt Iwaki towards the Sea of Japan, and looking down over the Aomori Spring trails.

backcountry touring mt iwaki nov 17, view from top  Near the tree line, Kenji Nodaka backcountry tour nov 17

Check Snow Conditions

To get the latest on snow conditions and resort opening, be sure to keep an eye on our daily snow report here.