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As we head towards the start of the Aomori Spring Pro Camp, the spring camp designed for elite and emerging ski and snowboard athletes, our park crew have been hard at work enhancing the freestyle facilities. And visiting professional snowboarder, Eiju Hirano, got busy testing the new features!

New Freestyle Features

The set up includes the 22ft halfpipe, as well as a new Quarter Pipe and Bag Jump – all put together by our park and pipe designers, Development Snowparks.

Bag Jump Enables Progression

Elite Japanese halfpipe rider, Eiju Hirano, was the first to test the set up over the weekend, practicing double corks into the Bag Jump.

Using a Bag Jump is a valuable part of the progression for learning new halfpipe tricks. So far, reports from Eiju and his father/coach, have been extremely positive.

Snowboarder Eiju Hirano quarterpipe to Bag Jump

Snowboarder Eiju Hirano quarterpipe to Bag Jump

Eiju Hirano to Join Other Pros for Camp

As he works towards qualifying for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Eiju Hirano will return to Aomori Spring Resort for the Pro Camp to continue training alongside other elite athletes.

More about the Pro Camp

The Aomori Spring Pro Camp runs from 21-29 of March and is hosted by coaches Benjamin Boyd and Elijah Teter of Pro Camps Asia. To find out more about the Pro Camp, scroll down this blog feed, or go to our Facebook Events Page.