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Super Pipe


Perfectly Shaped

The Aomori Park usually opens late December and runs until closing day in April. The halfpipe is open from January until April (Please note that the timeline mentioned for both park and pipe is indication only, as actual opening day would be subject to conditions).


The park opens daily from 10am in the morning 

The pipe opens daily from 10am in the morning until 2pm in the afternoon

Use of the half-pipe requires a separate pass (1,000yen) and mandatory liability waver. Check out the nearest ticket counter for details

Small-Medium Jump Line

Where it all begins; these are perfect for getting air for the first time, learning new tricks, or just getting playful.

Boxes and Rails

Enter hardways – lock it in – ride away clean! 


Learn to ride transition or send it with an ocean backdrop, these left and right handed hips are so much fun!

Super Pipe

There are very few 22ft halfpipes in Japan and certainly none as good as this!

Bag Jump

Air bag progression sessions, as part of the various Aomori Parks’ Camps.

It’s all about individual progression, no matter what level.