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Yuki Kadono sat down and talked to us about his trip to Aomori Spring, staying at the Rockwood Hotel & Spa. He chatted about his experience of the mountain, the terrain park, the halfpipe…. and the apple pie!

Find out what he had to say!

What is your impression of Aomori Spring?

Yuki: It was great to ride in a relaxing atmosphere and I had a lot of fun! I’ve never experienced this type of atmosphere and environment before!

How is the pipe and park, developed by John Melville, developer of the halfpipe at the 2014 Sochi Olympics?

Yuki: The pipe is so huge! The quality is at a very high level so I got in good practice and training.

The flow and rhythm of the park are good, riding rails and jumps and rails and jumps.

How was training?

Yuki: I could train very well and I got to relax and enjoy too.

What is your impression of Rockwood Hotel & Spa?

Yuki:  It is a calm and relaxing place. Excellent hotel.

How is restaurant?

Yuki: The meals are delicious! Especially the apple dessert!

Thank you very much for giving us time for this interview.

Yuki:   No problem at all!