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As Chloe Kim takes Olympic gold in Women’s Halfpipe at Pyeong Chang, and the US Olympic Freeski Halfpipe team leave Aomori Spring for their upcoming event, we take a look at the past two weeks of hosting these US Olympic athletes.

Chloe Kim

The first of the US athletes to visit Aomori Spring was Chloe Kim. For Chloe, coming here en route to Pyeong Chang was a chance to stop, recharge and relax. She spent her time riding powder, hanging out with her family and friends, singing Karaoke, and enjoying the Japanese hospitality.

Chloe Kim snowboards through powder at Aomori Spring
Chloe Kim enjoys the powder at Aomori Spring. Photo by Zach Hooper.

Chloe Kim & Louie Vito at Ramen House Hanging out at the Ramen House with Louie Vito. Photo by Ryan Lin.

Chloe Kim's dad, Mr Kim sings KaraokeChloe watches on as her dad steals the limelight

US Freeski Halfpipe Team

As Chloe left Japan, the US Freeski Halfpipe Team arrived. They combined training in the pipe, with deep powder laps and fun off the snow.

Here primarily to relax and acclimatise to the time zone, the athletes made the most of all the activities on offer.

Aaron Blunck on the Golf Course below Rockwood Hotel Aaron Blunck tees off at the Aomori Spring Golf Course. Photo by Keith Stubbs.

Aaron Blunck, Annalisa Drew, Brita Sigourney sing karaoke photo by Anna Dziczkaniece

Aaron Blunck, Annalisa Drew, Brita Sigourney blast it out on Karaoke night. Photo by Anna Dziczkaniece.

Maddie Bowman and Brita Sigourney in the Aspen House Jacuzzi Maddie Bowman and Brita Sigourney hot-tubbing at the Aspen Cafe, overlooking the terrain park. Photo by Keith Stubbs.

The team opted to skip the opening ceremony in Pyeong Chang in favour of taking time out, away from the limelight. Instead they sat back and watched the ceremony at the Rockwood Hotel.

US Freeski Team celebrate the Winter Olympics opening ceremony at Rockwood Hotel The US team celebrate the opening ceremony. Photo by Keith Stubbs.

And after a dry winter season in North America, and a heavy competition schedule, the team were not disappointed with their choice. They were treated to a succession of powder days, a welcome contrast to their months of halfpipe training and competing.

Aaron Blunck night skiing in the powder Aaron Blunck didn’t waste time getting on-snow, night skiing on arrival. Photo by Keith Stubbs.

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